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Thunder Ridge Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the deposit? Deposit is the same as one month’s rent.
  • How much are application fees? There are NO application fees. Once you put down a deposit to hold an apartment we run your application.
  • When Thunder Ridge Apartments runs my application what is it checked for? We have a thorough application process which includes income verification, credit score, and national eviction/criminal background check.
  • How much are utilities? Utilities (Electric) average about $50/month for a one bedroom apartment and $60/month for a two bedroom apartment. The only other bill you would have is your cable/internet which depends on which package you chose. We take care of water, sewer, and trash removal.
  • What is your Pet Policy? Currently, Thunder Ridge Apartments allows cats for an additional deposit of $200 and a monthly fee of $25. We apologize but at this time we do not allow dogs.
  • What is the Smoking Policy? Thunder Ridge Apartments is a smoke-free environment. No smoking is allowed in the apartments or hallways.
  • How many laundry facilities do you have? We have 15 laundry facilities on the property. Every hallway has its own washer and dryer on the first floor.
  • Do you have furnished apartments? Yes, we do have furnished apartments but they are almost always full. If you are interested in a furnished/corporate apartment please call the office at 319.266.3571 to get additional information.
  • Do you have garages available? Yes, we do! Currently, garages range in price from $40-60/month. Please call or email the office to see if there are any openings near your apartment!!